Beanstalk Children’s Garden

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Beanstalk Children’s Garden

6917 Kensington, KCMO 64132


A unique and fun field trip destination for children of all ages, the Beanstalk Children’s Garden offers children and adults the opportunity to learn about nutrition, plant science, food production and more.

Our mission: The mission of the Leanna Flandermeyer Beanstalk Children’s Garden is to inspire young people to make healthy food choices as they see, smell, touch, and taste growing plants.

The Beanstalk Children’s Garden is comprised of six specialized garden areas including:


The Vegetable Garden

is filled with colorful plants that inspire children to make healthy food choices.

The Fruit Garden

is bursting with both common and uncommon berry bushes and fruit trees.

The Herb Garden

features different types of herbs used in cooking, fragrances, and medicines.

The Seed & Grain Garden

contains seed and grain plants such as corn, oats, soybeans, peanuts and popcorn.

 The Curiosity Garden

is an exciting place for children to experience unusual plants like the sensitive plant.

The Water Garden

is home to fish, frogs, and water plants such as papyrus, water lilies and cattails.

Guided tours $2/person; self-guided tours free. Donations accepted.

  • Individuals, families and groups are welcome.
  • Guidebooks are available upon request.

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